About the Author

Kevin Scott Polk is a Certified Permaculture Consultant with an A.B. in Astrophysics from Princeton University and an M.S. in astronomy from the University of Washington. He spent six years in the 1990s managing the Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center in Honolulu, an archive of every image taken by NASA spacecraft. During this time, he worked with hundreds of researchers, educators and entrepreneurs, gaining an overview of the space enterprise that is rare in this field of specialists. He also served as an outreach partner for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars Pathfinder Mission, and as President, Vice-President and Newsletter Editor for the Hawaiian Astronomical Society. In 1999, he gained spaceflight operations experience by setting up the Planetary Society's ground control station for Mars Polar Lander and training to operate its Microphone experiment. He has also worked as a space systems analyst, public speaker, and author of numerous educational software titles including the popular 2sky handheld star chart. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where he is active in organic gardening and cartooning.